About Me

My background

Hi, I'm Xun Rui. Currently studying in Singapore Polytechnic under Diploma in Information Technology (DIT) as year 1, recently graduated from the SP PFP 16/17.

I am borned in 27 October 1999, youngest of the 4 siblings with age gap of 18 years between me and my oldest sister.

Here's something interesting about me and my sibling, we are all 6 years apart and my eldest sibling is a female, followed by male, then female and lastly me. According to the zodiac, the corresponding animals reset every 12 years. Therefore, my sisters are born in the chicken year while me and my brother are born in the rabbit year. Other than that, my sisters are right handed while me and my brother are left-handed.

My hobby is to mainly laze around, also things like gaming with friends. Other than the silly things, I actually enjoy learning and teaching Math as it gave me the ability to think.

My journey

LianHua Pri >> Swiss Cottage Sec >> SP PFP >> SP DIT

My primary school is located near my house, making traveling easy. Back in these days, my English Language was terrible (Still is). I started failing my English subject at Primary 3, placing me at the second worst class in the batch. However, I surprisingly managed to pass English for my PSLE and even meet my expectation for the rest of my subjects, giving me a score of 197. I have the express stream and the normal academic stream choices for me, but I chose the normal academic stream because of being in a better school compared to the express one. (2006-2011)

My next chapter started in Swiss Cottage Secondary School. I met a few more amazing friends around and had fun. During secondary 2, I managed to do well for my Mathematics and Sciences which gave me the option to take 'O' level subjects instead of the 'N' level, I took it. We then entered a stressful period which is our 'N' levels and 'O' levels during our secondary 4 year. Things were tough as the revision given doubles of our previous years and we have to mug for the exams, and so we took our final exams. As I took my results, I am so glad I am eligible for the PFP stream as it was my goal in the first place, I scored a total of 9 points for the 'N' level, after 'O'>'N' conversion. (2012-2015)

Closing another book, I set a new journey in Singapore Polytechnic for the polytechnic foundation programme. This 1 year pass by so quickly as many memories were made, from goofing around in class to struggling together for our assignments. In PFP, we were able to transition ourselves better to year 1 next year, we mainly honed our presentation skills and the ability to be more independant for our assignments. Not to mention, we slowly got used to the poly lifestyle in SP with the environment and others. Overall, I did not regret choosing this opportunity, it was fun meeting new people around campus and bond. (2016-2017)

My goal

1. Get gold for my CCA record before graduating in SP

2. Get GPA of 3.7 and above.

3. Lose some weight, thx